Saturday, 5 May 2012

End Of The Animal Kingdom

By then, leadership in animal kingdom was reserved for Lions, even brought the slogan- King of the Jungle. Other animals in big cats’ family- Cheetahs, Leopards and Tigers- given ministerial seats as the remaining animals were civil servants and field workers.
All animals led their lives under rules governing the Kingdom. Punishment for lawbreakers, lazy workers, corrupt officials and cunning animals were normal occurrences and most animals agreed to such kind of treat.
Because of its vast and complicated nature of the Kingdom, it was difficult for leaders to pass judgement to those who infringe guidelines. Moreover, judgements were limited to the size of an animal in question because, a mouse’s punishment was not equal to that of an elephant. In this case, most small animals went scot-free.
Political wrangles and rebellion:
In a particular day, King Lion announced new rules in addition; he demanded every animal species to appoint a spokes leader. These were measures to keep informed also as a mean of eradicating rebels in the Kingdom.
It happened that, cats avoided King’s call and did not appear in the meeting. Only the appointed ministers were present, later sacked from their positions by an angry Lion King.
Rebellious cat’s secret meeting insider revealed the formation of a coalition government lead by the Tigers. The news spread like bush fire to all animal communities, Lions too. It was a celebration for some animals but others proved loyalty to the Lion King.
Tension spread in the Kingdom, no animal had ever seen an angry Lion King. ‘Grreeeee, Grreeee,’ the King Roared. All animals took caver. Fear, suspense, hopelessness were only feelings  almost all animals experienced.
A messenger went round the Kingdom delivering the King’s last chance of loyalty, or to face the worst.  
As immunity from the King’s wrath, almost all-herbivorous type went to the Lion King’s side, but the remainder stood on ground with their rebellion.
Split of the Animal Kingdom:

Upon this division, war broke out between the King’s loyal subjects and the rebels. Since, herbivorous animals fear wars; they provided war supplies and food for the fighters. However, food became so scarce that they could hardly get any, but the demand for food from both warring sides intensified.
Having no any other means of getting food, the carnivorous ones started attacking and killing herbivorous type for food. This infuriated the herbivorous animals but they had nothing to do. There inferiority made them an easy prey –no power to defend themselves-, they had only three options- the stronger to fight, the taller to warn and the weak to run- but their main defense was to walk in large groups.
This is the reason all big cats family fight among themselves, the lions roar when angry and hungry and lastly this is why the herbivorous animals are hunted for food & always mingle amongst themselves in large groups in Maasai Mara.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Balance Of Nature

The balance of nature brings harmony in all inhabitants on Earth. There is joy in nature outlook –blooming flowery plants, bright & happy birds of the air, sweet smelling scents of flowers, cool nice shades for people and animals- as life grows from boring days to lovely environment that every living organism enjoys living in. 

Changing weather can be equivalent to life we live. Sometimes weather goes cold, wet or snowy, other time it gets warm and enjoyable, just like human moods –sad and gloomy to joy and relaxed moments-. This is awesome for nature lovers! However, we may feel uncomfortable with too much hot or cold weather. 

This comes to my piece of reminder, in a poetic tone:

Hope At Last, Isn’t It So Lovely?  29th Dec, 2005.

Sitting under the shade,
Sheltering myself from scotching sun,
Yes! The drought is gonna end soon,
However, I just wonder when.

Winds blowing across the field,
Somehow making the day a bid cool,
Promising the arrival of a wet season,
However, I just wonder when.

As if the message is being delivered by wind,
Just like a letter of orgies,
The message is very vivid,
Somewhat, I’m hinted when.

Dark clouds seems so far,
Scattered like Baobabs in Sahara,
Wow! That brings hope for rains,
In a few days, that is when!


In some countries, there are no extremely cold (Snowy) seasons. Like in Kenya, we only experience cold and wet or hot and dry seasons. Nevertheless, balance of nature has so much to teach us, and it fun supporting nature in an attempt to bring back its former glory. BTW, it likes playing ‘Tit-for-tat’ game.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ways Of Life- Writing Dreams

Growing up, I had this feeling that I have an unusual talent that has never run in my family tree. Maybe it’s because of exposure or chances were limited in those days, but still, there is no one picking up this #God's Gift as a way of life.

Some years back, in 1998, I wrote my first latter to Writers Bureau -by then the Company was appearing on our Daily News Papers very often- asking if they can help develop my writing skills. Months later, I received the reply latter from them, Newsletters: Fees structure and testimonies from members. How cool! That was my starting point, yet there was something else holding me back -tuition fee-.

It was a challenge that I knew I wouldn’t manage to escape. However, something within kept my writing vision in focus with hopes that from a distance lay not a dream but a reality. I remember writing this Poem as a reminder!

The New Day!   22 Nov, 1998.

Every dog has his/her new day!
Okay, I keep waiting,
For that day of prosperity,
The wail of distress will be no more,
Only joy beyond measure shall prevail,
Dancing a jig, Celebrations,
 Having the best time in life.


It happens that I wrote this poem on the day I took my first Lungful of oxygen -Birth Day- and as a day I dedicated my mind to pursue my dreams in every means possible. Until now, I do!

Life In Poetry- How To live it.

This can be a starting point or the last kick of a dying horse! Anyway, it has been time since I started writing poems, to be exact, from 1998 when I was in primary school. Poems themselves revolve under what I was going through by then, and in other times were my opinions about life. 

 I have lots of them in my note books that I want to share with the world by publishing them online, though I’m having setbacks and negative mind about the whole issue.

Writing indirect poems was my favorite style –still is- to hide my feelings and opinions behind the dark-mask from my readers and those who thought they are smart –the snoops- ,going around my back reading what does not concern them. It was fun asking my readers to explain what I meant only to realize they have picked a literal meaning of the whole thing.

Being secretive sometimes pay! However, there were days when I needed help (council) from my brother, but I did not want to talk about it verbally. In such a day, only my diary came in to speak on my behalf. Bad idea! My brother could not divulge an alluded message, so I forced to elaborate on my writings. 

Here is one of them, a 'heartbreak' Poem that I wrote before going in silent-mode for a full week.

Never Again. 6th March 2006.
 Swimming in a river,
Largely dominated by crocodiles & sharks,
Of course, I know the consequences,
Now I’m wounded.., a call for sharks
Any minute, any time they will be here.

I have nowhere to run.., barred destiny!
The only option is to turn back,
Even though it is gonna be a war,
It won’t last for long, Just a few minutes,
Then peace shall prevail.

Mistakes! Mistakes! No more,
These are my words,
For real, forever I promise.

**By waflay **

It was nice that after a simple clue, he was able to tell my hurting –though I doubt if he guessed right all encrypted words-, but it was worthy a trial and it did its purpose.
I wish to keep them coming in this style. However, I need your opinion how to publish these stories and Poems. You got any Idea that you wish to share with me; I would love to hear from you!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Our Love- Dreams Come True.

Sing me a song, that would make my heart joyful,
Invite me to dance, a love song that unites our hearts,
Give me your hand; hold me tight and let love take control,
No turning back dear, we are lovers forever,
Save your pace, for we have a long way to go.

Take me in your arms darl., and embrace me tight,
Hug me like never before, and let your mind drift away,
All these is love, plus signs of together-forever,
That only us,  can feel and appreciate!

It was an illusion of our minds, now it is the reality,
Like a tiny organism it was, but now our love is mighty,
Over and over again, people admire what we share,
Very sad! They will not feel what we experience,
Extraordinary affection, that goes beyond measure.

On a day like this, I saw you and felt it,
Nothing gave me a hint, that you and I are destiny,
Little I did, to pursue your love,
You are now here, dancing with me.., our love song.

You are my true love, the one I dreamt of,
Official key, that can access my love madness,
Unlock my true feelings, and enjoy our love life.