Friday, 29 March 2013

CJ's Final Word on CORD Petition

Finally, the day is here, just hours before d-day!The greatest ruling in the history of Kenya's presidential election. On Saturday 30th, 2013 the Supreme Court will read the verdict on just concluded presidential petition hearing to determine the way forward for Kenya.

By now, some of the questions lingering in people's minds are: who actually won the March 4th, election? Was the whole exercise free and fair? What will happen just after Chief Justice's final say?

Don't worry, the clock is still ticking towards that hour. Just remember, we did our part, our politicians -leaders- have done their best, and now everything rests within the hand of the six Supreme Court Judges. We have to respect their verdict no matter what!

Life has to continue, we cannot force the impossible to become positive, or a tie in this case.

It is gonna be tough! It's gonna hurt and create life-time memories and agony in many people's heart and mind. Just be ready for anything.

For those who will celebrate the outcome of this petition, do it in respectful manner. Be wise, do not overdo what you can not handle.

Kenya is greater than every Kenyan out there!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Decision March 4th: Choose a Leader not a Politician

Kenya being a country with people from different ethnic backgrounds, it is easy to identify a national leader from the majority- ethnic leaders. 

By Choosing a Leader, We Free Ourselves From Impunity
The first thing that is helpful for you as a voter is to stay a far from the wave of tribalism. Just have some time alone. Think smart and let your mind rest on all the aspirants present for nomination.
Secondly, ask yourself a simple question, should I consider myself first or a Kenyan out there who has no opportunity to make change? If you go by your conscience as a human, a citizen of Kenya, you would make a wiser decision by choosing the best person who would unify all Kenyans. 

Anyway, that was just about preparations.

Now let us focus on aspirants, especially those seeking presidential post. As you have seen, none of them can admit being a failure even though they all have been in public offices performing different duties. We saw them! The first four: one is the Prime minister of Kenya and the other two are his deputies. Only one person is in another ministry, but in the same government.

In all eight aspirants, we have those that are fit and those that we don't know much about. However, for one to be a public national leader, he/she should have certain qualities that distinguish an individual from the rest.

We have a Bukusu saying that when translated goes ‘Sweetness of something is bred from childhood.’ These are clear set of words that draws us back to the person’s background, his/her duties in office, public relations and ability to cope with pressure. 

A good leader should be able control; his/her close allies, then the party and lastly the nationwide support. A leader should also teach his/her followers -by leading as an example- on how to behave against other competitors. A rowdy crowd of supporters is just a reflection of poor leadership!

Social media in Kenya is a battle field for political rivalry. Indirect involvements, intimidation, pointing an accusation fingers on each other, exchange of bitter words in public are a few things that have hit political spot-light recently.  For voter, this should be a platform to determine a leader from pretenders. 

Ethnic politics has taken centre stage and the critical role in Kenyan presidential elections. As the country heads for elections in March 4th, the more we should be vigilant politically about leaders that we want to elect for the top seat. 

Remember, we should not be ladders for someone’s personal ambitions, rather, be a team player for better national development.

I Hate Evil!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Time To Realize Change, The Kenya We Want

Someone said, "You should imagine before taking the first initiative." Imagination is the power to see the virtual picture of something -past, present or future. Sometimes you just don't imagine, your mental picture can represent the real image of your future -another word: foretell.

Another person said, "The past define the future in two colors: dark or bright." In reference to Kenya, the heartbeat of East Africa, we have our political past that changed the face of our great nation. Fresh images of darkness still lingers in our memories whenever we hear the word 'ELECTION'. By now, the key players of Kenya's politics are doing there thing for popularity reasons and power struggle. What about the voters? Are we ready to make change happen in our midst? I hope so!

Great!  The past as we know has no effect our our choices, however, we should be very careful not to repeat -crisscross- history. This is why we have been left with only one chance here: "Imagining Kenya in peaceful state after March 4th, and taking this initiative to implement our choice for tomorrow -brighter future."  In other words, the first and the second persons' saying should be combined to bring up the true future we need. I believe, we are ready to move from dark age era to bright age period in our land.

By the way, PEACE, LOVE and UNITY are some of things that comes free of charge, however, so delicate to handle.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ribbon Eel

Blue Ribbon Eel

The world has amazing creatures that we barely know of their existence. We have different of them lying in deep seas, oceans and on land, amazingly, they are unique and mostly beyond our imagination.

The Ribbon Eel is one of the unique ocean creatures that have trumpet like nostrils and a lower jaw with three tentacles. Well, this sea animal has an ability to change sex nature, the male ones regularly become females. The change of color and adopting a nearly yellow hue apparently helps them in suiting in their feminine side.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

How to Approach Your Goal

Ever had a target in life? Definitely, everyone has had a burning desire to own something or just to acquire a certain item or goods for some reasons. Anyway, that is the best beginning of a long and winding journey before you have whatever that has been your goal.

Approach To Your Goal
However, everything does not just come the way you want it to be, you have to give it time, energy and hope that one day, you would manage to have it. If you have such drive, the only thing needed is to have a reminder, something to keep your mind at par with your target. Nevertheless, do not give up!

Having your mind at rest, draw a simple plan. This could give you the pros and cons of how you should approach the target.While, keeping in mind that nothing is simple as it appears, give it an attempt and see if your plan might work.

If things go as planned, modify your arrangements or include other approaches relevant to your goal. Relevance matters a lot as it forms a good foundation that can easily transform into your aspiration. The hard the going, the higher the chances of reaching there!

Sometimes you may not realize how far you have pushed for your destination goal, the greatest advantage of letting the drift take the course of your trial is that it takes control of your mind and draws the target much near.

It is also recommended to keep close to people with the same goal, exchange of ideas and learning from each others mistakes could lead into achieving your primary objective much easier that having to go a long way -trial and error.

For anything to be successful, patience and determination should be the leading aspects. With these two, nothing is impossible! Just let your base be your motivation and keep in mind -hope- that success is just at the corner.