Friday, 4 May 2012

Balance Of Nature

The balance of nature brings harmony in all inhabitants on Earth. There is joy in nature outlook –blooming flowery plants, bright & happy birds of the air, sweet smelling scents of flowers, cool nice shades for people and animals- as life grows from boring days to lovely environment that every living organism enjoys living in. 

Changing weather can be equivalent to life we live. Sometimes weather goes cold, wet or snowy, other time it gets warm and enjoyable, just like human moods –sad and gloomy to joy and relaxed moments-. This is awesome for nature lovers! However, we may feel uncomfortable with too much hot or cold weather. 

This comes to my piece of reminder, in a poetic tone:

Hope At Last, Isn’t It So Lovely?  29th Dec, 2005.

Sitting under the shade,
Sheltering myself from scotching sun,
Yes! The drought is gonna end soon,
However, I just wonder when.

Winds blowing across the field,
Somehow making the day a bid cool,
Promising the arrival of a wet season,
However, I just wonder when.

As if the message is being delivered by wind,
Just like a letter of orgies,
The message is very vivid,
Somewhat, I’m hinted when.

Dark clouds seems so far,
Scattered like Baobabs in Sahara,
Wow! That brings hope for rains,
In a few days, that is when!


In some countries, there are no extremely cold (Snowy) seasons. Like in Kenya, we only experience cold and wet or hot and dry seasons. Nevertheless, balance of nature has so much to teach us, and it fun supporting nature in an attempt to bring back its former glory. BTW, it likes playing ‘Tit-for-tat’ game.

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