Thursday, 3 May 2012

Life In Poetry- How To live it.

This can be a starting point or the last kick of a dying horse! Anyway, it has been time since I started writing poems, to be exact, from 1998 when I was in primary school. Poems themselves revolve under what I was going through by then, and in other times were my opinions about life. 

 I have lots of them in my note books that I want to share with the world by publishing them online, though I’m having setbacks and negative mind about the whole issue.

Writing indirect poems was my favorite style –still is- to hide my feelings and opinions behind the dark-mask from my readers and those who thought they are smart –the snoops- ,going around my back reading what does not concern them. It was fun asking my readers to explain what I meant only to realize they have picked a literal meaning of the whole thing.

Being secretive sometimes pay! However, there were days when I needed help (council) from my brother, but I did not want to talk about it verbally. In such a day, only my diary came in to speak on my behalf. Bad idea! My brother could not divulge an alluded message, so I forced to elaborate on my writings. 

Here is one of them, a 'heartbreak' Poem that I wrote before going in silent-mode for a full week.

Never Again. 6th March 2006.
 Swimming in a river,
Largely dominated by crocodiles & sharks,
Of course, I know the consequences,
Now I’m wounded.., a call for sharks
Any minute, any time they will be here.

I have nowhere to run.., barred destiny!
The only option is to turn back,
Even though it is gonna be a war,
It won’t last for long, Just a few minutes,
Then peace shall prevail.

Mistakes! Mistakes! No more,
These are my words,
For real, forever I promise.

**By waflay **

It was nice that after a simple clue, he was able to tell my hurting –though I doubt if he guessed right all encrypted words-, but it was worthy a trial and it did its purpose.
I wish to keep them coming in this style. However, I need your opinion how to publish these stories and Poems. You got any Idea that you wish to share with me; I would love to hear from you!

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