Saturday, 26 February 2011

Twist of Fate

A twinkle of an eye has caused this,
a slip of the tongue has made it worse,
With no inkling of what to come next,
only sorrow, plain sorrow,
as a knot if fastened in his heart,
A noose that hold his little life tightening,
as seconds tick away,

Agony of the heart is a life-time experience,
a grief that remains intact as time pass,
Is no human desire but it comes,
Building strong base to affect the brain,
what can he do? What if it didn't happen?,
ooh! What a horrible life!

Shedding tears to relieve his heart,
but a broken heart never mend,
He knew its done... It has left a crack,
even more, irreplaceable thing in his heart,
A void that won't be sealed,
whatever the effort he can employ.

To live with it,...trying to hide,
but all is swept clean,
as memories flood in..
What next?

Friday, 25 February 2011

The way Out

Shall I call it.., “The order of the day?”
But days are never the same,
Can I call it,.. “way of nature?”,
But it sometimes glee my way.
I just wonder why,
But life is like a tug of  war.

As I pull the strings of life,
It seems to have the same pull,
But towards the opposite direction,
It consumes my thinking capability,
It  gives me no choice but to keep going,
Even though how hard it is,
Like a tag of war, I must forge a way out.

My life time experience is my only tool,
The  only weapon I have,
It always create a channel out,
No matter how messy the way is,
It improves my experience,
To be applied someday,
In another tricky bath-way,

As I kiss this year good-bye,
I welcome the new year with hopes,
New year resolutions that 'I only wish',
Resolutions that remains a mystery,
Only found on pages of my diary,
But In real life,
I’m only but a man..
And ‘tug of war’ is my life.
Everyone was born with a vision, but we all grew up having other people's missions in our mind. Take this, why do we always attend rallies organized by politicians? I have an answer, because we are idle and without plan for our future. Having this in mind, why don't we get the point  being set by our political class, can they leave their work unattended and come to help when we need them? We have enslaved ourselves through their verbal manipulation, leaving our mind void- just a nudge and we are in line with their demands.

We leave our visions dying of starvation since our mind is focused on impressing someone whose mind is set for his/her future. Our life-goals are over-shadowed by an alluring tongue and before we know it, we are offline- hooked and being a bridge or a stepping stone for their brighter tomorrow. What about us? A mere mat for their feet.

I don't  say these to make you change your mind about your favourite candidate in political  scene, but to make you see the gain and pain of the whole issue.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Swing of Affection

Pretty like red roses,
Soft 'hearted' like love itself,
Brainy and caring like  a mother,
Mm mm! She found my soft spot,

Think of love,
She gives out 100% of it,
Think of affection,
She multiplies it into happiness,
Think of joy,
It all comes back to her name,
Ooh! What a lady?

Apart has became close,
Closeness has became love,
And doubled desire is inevitable,
Just wish to be with miss love.

Only some days,
Only sometime,
My heart can’t wait.

Fun Morning

Well, you don't nee d a day BREAK? Very funny, just look at what we did on one saturday, relaxing and having a life time fun. This little boy tried to feed an untamed Monkey and suddenly, the Monkey snatched everything plus leaving a tooth mark (biten), it was some how hilarious but we had to apply first aid on the boy's finger .