Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jungle Life

I was hit by a wave, set off-guard...,
And left with no choice but survival,
Looking back, I could see the Hyena coming,
Infront stood a hungry lion,
On my right,  a huge tree with a coiled Serpent,
 On my left, a small cave housing an unknown..

My survival trick was left pending,
Only my heart could be heard pounding,
Grass shaking by vibration of my shaking legs,
Tears,..till the last drop. Fear felt in my toes,
As I tried TO THINK,
Friendship with animals was not applicable,
Running away from animals,.. like inviting trouble,
 Waiting for them could be more lethal,
"What Next?" I thought.

Ho ho ho.. An Idea Struck my mind,
Face the Hyena and drive him off,
.... the snake only strikes when tounted,
 The lion...!!!!?
 But I survived...

( Guess how)

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Rock

I feel my heart rocking back and forth in my chest,
 I can feel it bounding slowly in its nest,
My Greatest desire is to make a turning point,
That will show me the way....,
that will influence my way of thinking,
And form a reservour of my mind...

yes! I will..