Sunday, 29 April 2012

Our Love- Dreams Come True.

Sing me a song, that would make my heart joyful,
Invite me to dance, a love song that unites our hearts,
Give me your hand; hold me tight and let love take control,
No turning back dear, we are lovers forever,
Save your pace, for we have a long way to go.

Take me in your arms darl., and embrace me tight,
Hug me like never before, and let your mind drift away,
All these is love, plus signs of together-forever,
That only us,  can feel and appreciate!

It was an illusion of our minds, now it is the reality,
Like a tiny organism it was, but now our love is mighty,
Over and over again, people admire what we share,
Very sad! They will not feel what we experience,
Extraordinary affection, that goes beyond measure.

On a day like this, I saw you and felt it,
Nothing gave me a hint, that you and I are destiny,
Little I did, to pursue your love,
You are now here, dancing with me.., our love song.

You are my true love, the one I dreamt of,
Official key, that can access my love madness,
Unlock my true feelings, and enjoy our love life.

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