Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New Terror Tactics- Al-Shabaab

When Kenya government launched offensive encounter against Al-Shabaab in Somalia, the main reason was to flush out a terrorism group breeding on our neighborhood. Through this, the government had another plan to stabilize Somalia –a break through to a stable government on the horn of Africa.
Since the merge between Al-Shabbab and Al-Qaida network, there has been an influx of foreign fighters joining the terror group. This has also introduced a new tactic for Al-Shabaab sympathizers in the country; it seems they have switched from hurling grenades (explosives) in crowded areas to the use of explosives and gunshots to accomplish their cowardly acts.
What we should learn from recent attacks in Garissa is that, the terror group is now emerging with a new strategy to create enmity between Muslims and Christians. In attacking churches, they know such action will anger Christians and would cause peace instability between the two religions.
This kind of terrorism has been in the rise in Nigeria as Poko-haram terror group’s main attacking tactic. By now, it seems Al-Shabaab leaders are highly relying on foreigners to lead the way forward for a weakened group. This comes after media houses reported of Poko-haram bomb makers making their way to Somalia to join their fellow terrorists.
With terrorism on the rise in this country- Kenya, even the Mosques are not safe. We have to remember the motive of this group, they do not care about anybody as long as one is in Kenya, that becomes a target and their main goal is to cause maximum damage in this country.
They have already tested how sensitive religion issue is in Northern Eastern part of Kenya. We never know what they are planning next to cause total confusion or even clashes –religious war- in the region.
The only thing we know is they have assaulted one side. Weighing on the outcome, they scored. If my guess is right, they might do the same in a Mosque for it to be seen as retaliation attack by Christians, this would be a big blow to fragile peace between the two religions in the region.
It is good that the government has increased security in most regions in the country. As citizens of this country, we have a duty to work closely with law enforcement arm of the government for our own good.  

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