Monday, 11 June 2012

Kenya's Politics In Question

Relating past political scenes to our current political games will lead us to discover some connections, which our politicians are using to gain fame and power, in so doing, to keep a guardian angel in their dirty tracks. 
If you remember, by the time ODM Kenya was a strong political party in 2007, Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka started some rankles within the party. This led to departure of the other members of the party to rejoin the original ODM party.

  Back to the current situation, we find Hon. Musalia Mudavadi very active in the role that Hon. K. Musyoka played in 2007. The difference is he went ahead and formed a political party to run against his former colleague Hon. Raila Odinga.
Now that we know, who caused political rankles in ODM-Kenya in 2007 by using a ‘political project’ –Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka-; it does make us think our man of the match is once more having a running project. For now, it is just rumors that Hon. Musalia Mudavadi is the one. This maybe true based on newly evolved Musalia we used to know.
There are some facts which most of us have seen, although the main players have denied being ‘political Projects’. This leads us back to Hon. Kalonzo, and how he denied claims of being a PNU project! Nevertheless, everything came to be true when he became the Vice President of this nation –Kenya in President Kibaki’s administration.
In Kenya, we lack genuine politics. Most people we love and support may be someone’s political project. We have external forces that control our politicians, and exchange of money plays a major role in this country’s politics. This is the reason why it is hard to eradicate corruption, as its roots feeds in high-ranking public and private offices.
In every electioneering year, Kenya has always had a ‘hotcake’ politician since the beginning of multiparty system. In 2002, the late Hon. Kijana Wamalwa was a man to tame, then Hon. Kalonzo in 2007, and now we have Hon. Eugine Wamalwa whom every Presidential aspirant wants to snatch, will he choose wisely?

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