Monday, 10 September 2012

Tana Delta Fresh Attacks Claims Over 30 Lives

Tana Rive Clashes Photo From Kenya RedCross

Revenge attacks in Tana Delta has claimed 32 lives as reported by Kenya RedCross: 16 men, 5 females, 8 Children, 9 police,167 houses burnt in fresh attacks on monday Sep, 10 2012. Police and RedCross personnel on ground have also confirmed that  there is over 1000 internally displaced families. 

Who is proudly Kenyan now? Yah, I guess so. With international and local media reports of terrible happenings -massacre in Tana river delta, this is understandable as to why we are quiet now. I don't wanna think about it, but it is beyond my imagination that we are experiencing this in this time of age- twentieth century. Kenyans, does common sense ring a bell in mind? Why fight when diplomacy can work it out nicely! And over what that can be equivalent to shading human blood. This is so disgusting.

 Tribalism? Hell no! This is a minor issue boiling at the epicenter of these clashes, something big is out there waiting to be exposed. Think! Think! Think! We need non partisan leaders, good governance to distribute national resources equally, a national security council that is capable of detecting a brewing hazard before it happens and a unifying leader who feels the hearts of common Kenyans. I hate evil!

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