Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nurturing An Ambition

By ambition, we refer to human desire to accomplish a certain goal in life.
Personally, I believe there is no life without an ambition. These can be true words for each one of us if we think over why we are alive and what expected of us. 

Life is very simple: As long as we find our centre of gravity, utilize its balance and let our ambition be our driving force. No failure would rob us success when we know it exist.

You and I have read a lot about great leaders and inventors. Their humble start- up could be unbelievable, but their accomplishment is what we should be interested in: learning from their struggles, endeavors and risks in order to maximize on our efforts for success.

Before that, we have a challenge laid out by our dreamy ambition. This dream is visionary, but for us to reach for our destined a goal, we have to keep up the fight -defeating all odds that may result from our struggles- and patient enough to avoid giving in to failure.  

Sometimes it may need us to volunteer for experience. This is the good way of gaining exposure to more skills and knowledge through sharing of ideas. Being close to people who share alike dreams, practicing and learning through experience helps one to know all pros and cons of an ambition, hence forging for a better way to avoid a backlash.

Another thing that can help accomplish our ambitious dreams is to use the internet. Here, it is good to understand that most of what we think of have been fulfilled somewhere. By researching, we may find relevant materials on the internet that can be very helpful in dealing with our indented project.

Even though some personal ambitions may not be achievable due to unavoidable circumstances, example: resources to finance the project, time for working on, etc , having patience, good research, great like-minded team and a will to succeed could make a difference. 

Believe in something even when no one else does. That is the will, and whenever there is a will… there is a way!

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