Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Body, a Kiln of Fire.

Oh I wish medics could work,
The pain, I can't stand,
It is as if I'm on fire,
The kiln of suffering,
That is how I feel.

So bad, my days are,
Missed a lot to keep fit,
Abandoned what I love,
Still, not spared by the pain.

Do I have to endure more of these,
But till when?
My happiness is gone,
Just agony is what I have now.

Sleeping in pain,
Waking up in pain,
Dry eyes.. loveless and sorrowful,
Waiting for a better day.

My mind cannot think,
I have nothing to write,
Just listening for the pain,
That only me can feel.

I hope for a Better day,
Painless tomorrow!
Where happiness is,
As for now, just pain!


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