Saturday, 26 February 2011

Twist of Fate

A twinkle of an eye has caused this,
a slip of the tongue has made it worse,
With no inkling of what to come next,
only sorrow, plain sorrow,
as a knot if fastened in his heart,
A noose that hold his little life tightening,
as seconds tick away,

Agony of the heart is a life-time experience,
a grief that remains intact as time pass,
Is no human desire but it comes,
Building strong base to affect the brain,
what can he do? What if it didn't happen?,
ooh! What a horrible life!

Shedding tears to relieve his heart,
but a broken heart never mend,
He knew its done... It has left a crack,
even more, irreplaceable thing in his heart,
A void that won't be sealed,
whatever the effort he can employ.

To live with it,...trying to hide,
but all is swept clean,
as memories flood in..
What next?

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