Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Time To Realize Change, The Kenya We Want

Someone said, "You should imagine before taking the first initiative." Imagination is the power to see the virtual picture of something -past, present or future. Sometimes you just don't imagine, your mental picture can represent the real image of your future -another word: foretell.

Another person said, "The past define the future in two colors: dark or bright." In reference to Kenya, the heartbeat of East Africa, we have our political past that changed the face of our great nation. Fresh images of darkness still lingers in our memories whenever we hear the word 'ELECTION'. By now, the key players of Kenya's politics are doing there thing for popularity reasons and power struggle. What about the voters? Are we ready to make change happen in our midst? I hope so!

Great!  The past as we know has no effect our our choices, however, we should be very careful not to repeat -crisscross- history. This is why we have been left with only one chance here: "Imagining Kenya in peaceful state after March 4th, and taking this initiative to implement our choice for tomorrow -brighter future."  In other words, the first and the second persons' saying should be combined to bring up the true future we need. I believe, we are ready to move from dark age era to bright age period in our land.

By the way, PEACE, LOVE and UNITY are some of things that comes free of charge, however, so delicate to handle.

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