Friday, 29 March 2013

CJ's Final Word on CORD Petition

Finally, the day is here, just hours before d-day!The greatest ruling in the history of Kenya's presidential election. On Saturday 30th, 2013 the Supreme Court will read the verdict on just concluded presidential petition hearing to determine the way forward for Kenya.

By now, some of the questions lingering in people's minds are: who actually won the March 4th, election? Was the whole exercise free and fair? What will happen just after Chief Justice's final say?

Don't worry, the clock is still ticking towards that hour. Just remember, we did our part, our politicians -leaders- have done their best, and now everything rests within the hand of the six Supreme Court Judges. We have to respect their verdict no matter what!

Life has to continue, we cannot force the impossible to become positive, or a tie in this case.

It is gonna be tough! It's gonna hurt and create life-time memories and agony in many people's heart and mind. Just be ready for anything.

For those who will celebrate the outcome of this petition, do it in respectful manner. Be wise, do not overdo what you can not handle.

Kenya is greater than every Kenyan out there!

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