Friday, 20 April 2012

Global Warming!

The sun is rising high on the clear sky. Well, one would wish for some drizzles but it seems the rain has finally abandoned its daily free offers.

A day like this in early days in my life, my people and I would be indoor because of rains. Unfortunately, as I grow older and bendy, the seasons and climate changes to something unthinkable.

Should we go blaming actions of man on our planet as the cause of all these? I wish we can. However, life has to continue and what expected to us is to find a simple way to save human home (Earth).

When I was still growing -in height- our then president had a vision to safe our Country, he came up with a slogan 'Cut one and plant two trees'. As if he had foreseen the future of our country!

Now that every nation is fighting with global worming and aridity, we have a duty to make the world a better place for all generations. Reduction of Carbon emissions, good disposal of plastics & Technological rejects and working to invent greener technologies should be our main goal, whose agenda being to save our natural environments.

Industrial revolution was human's biggest invention. Having invented machines to make the work easier for people, and creation of employment hence improving human life -earnings in terms if salaries and wages-. However, something went wrong, or maybe negligence on our part created a problem for us all. We have seen where we went wrong, rectifying our mistake may take year, but it is worth a try anyway!

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