Friday, 11 March 2011

Love Can't Die

Standing at the door,
Watching as her body sway away,
Every step she made,
Tore a tiny hole in his heart,
Hopeless, motionless and weakness,
Invaded his mind,
Reflecting back in their lives,
Remembering their time,
When love was at the brim,
And dramatic change,
That just caused these.

Biting his lips in despair,
Small drops of tears,
Running down his cheeks,
“Why me?” he shouted,
At the other side,
She turned at looked at him,
Her eyes swollen in tears,
Their eyes met,
An irresistible urge gave in,
He raised his hands,
To be embraced by the air,
She held her ground,
Still holding onto her suitcase,
The space between them laughed,
Birds on trees shrieked,
Passers-by whistled a love tune,
His heart could not wait,
His legs could not wait any longer,
Her hand left the suitcase,
Her body trembled as she saw him,
Like an angel flying towards her,
Their tears of break-up pains,
And their heartaches,
Were replaced by passionate hug,
“No more heartaches darl..” he said,
She repeated the same,
“No more lies and secret”, she said,
He repeated her words
The kid went and collected the bags,
The family re-united.

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